How to revamp your house with minimal decor.

Your house portrays your personality and thoughts you carry so it is very important to wisely put your visions and thoughts while decorating your beloved home.

It is a quite difficult task to get rid of the mess and revamp your home, as after some years everything need slight changes so you don’t get bored. While you are focusing on your likings and disliking to revamp your house you also have to think about the feel and vibe you wanna give to your house. As a beautiful house makes you feel alive and comfortable.

Minimalist loves to decorate their home with very minimal yet specific and attractive. When you enters in a minimalist’s house you will find very subtle, attractive and calming vibes. As they prefer to decorate their home with the mandatory and appealing things.

Don’t worry, if you wanna revamp your house with minimal decoration then you have landed onto a right place to seek help. Hommitent lists you some of the best ways to revamp your house with minimal decoration.


Always go for neutral or pastel colours as these colours really suits your minimal decoration and also appeals the look yo give to your room. And if you are going g for loud or bright colours then definitely try to stick around only with one or two colours.


When you are decorating your home with minimal items it is important to make it look calming and attractive. If you are going with the neutral or pastel shade then never forget your flooring. As flooring really changes the whole game. In this case you could opt for wooden floor, flooring sheets, marbles etc.

Aesthetic touch

While revamping your house always keep in mind that symmetry plays a huge role in the decoration. It’s always better to play a little geometry while decorating your house as it will help you giving it a aesthetic touch.

Overall Decoration


Come on let’s decorate your room together. First of all always keep symmetry in mind and then start playing, believe me you will gonna enjoy it and definitely it will give you much better result than you had expected. Now, if you don’t want to go for wooden beds and all it’s ok go for floor bed mattress that will look super cool all you need is a good rug. Place the floor bed mattress on the rug and complete your bed look by adding couple of pillows and a comfy blanket. If you had opted for neutral colour for walls then try to choose dark colour for bedsheets or rug, as it is important to add little contrasting colours.

If you have a window in your room then add some fairy lights and put one or two pots of plants. If don’t then put some fairy lights on the back wall of the bed and complete the back look by adding up some frames. It might contain quotes, memories, pictures, graphics etc. whatever you like its

totally upto you. Then position up a big pot of plant at on side of your bed and on the other side use one side table followed by a matt.

If you are a person fond of reading then a book shelf can be a great choice. There are many things you can add up in your room that will look great and aesthetic at the same time for example a simple long rectangular mirror and can also add a dreamcatcher by the side of the mirror as dreamcatchers are a new trend, a nice laundry bag to keep your room mess free, can also opt for a big photo frame or many tiny frames depends upon how you want to make it look, if you are a aesthetic person then can able to add tassels in the place of photo frames, etc. as I said it totally depends on you that how you want to make it look.

Common room/ Drawing room

Common room/ Drawing room is the most important room where you welcome your guests so it is important to maintain its vibe. As we discussed earlier about your bedroom some of the same things also applies over here, if you are not a person fond of furniture then you can easily switch to silk rug and floor sofa sets, try to add some crystal chandelier or ceiling lamp as you are decorating your home with minimals so at the same time you also have to make sure that it will not look boring, add furniture with sharp geometry, add curtains with darker shade to give your room a warm undertone, etc.


This task of revamping your house with minimal home decoration might look like very tough or challenging but trust me once you get through proper planning and a little bit of researching you will gonna enjoy it. We hope aforementioned ideas help you renovating your beloved home.

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