This sucks!

FEAR to hurt another one.

I just don’t know in this what i am going to write or how i will portray this to you.

I am quite an emotional girl and sometimes i put others above me as i think that if i will put myself first…


Finally my College is open.

Yesterday was my fist day of online class though my college is currently operating in blended mode. For just now I chose to attend my classes online for a period of time. After diwali I will be joining my classes in offline mode.

But damn seriously I am missing my college’s starting days and my batchmates. I just want to go to the college and interact with my all batchmates. Recently i have interacted with two of them and they are very sweet. Both of them helped me a lot in different ways. Just looking forward to this interaction. Though there are a lot of thoughts in my mind regrading my late joining. Let’s just hope for the best.

And thankyou girls for helping me♥️.

Sharing-is-Caring 💫

I don’t want and wish to see such things again.

My heart cried to its full volume in the silence.

Oh! Yes i am a very sensitive girl when it comes to emotion, humanity, and respect. Yesterday i went to the hospital where my uncle got admitted as he was…

Why does everyone’s opinion matter?

I am an extrovert girl but when it comes to opinions and being judged I get a little concerned. Many times I question myself that Why am I allowing myself to get affected by others’ opinions? …

Sometimes all you need is to hear the reality through someone else because somewhere you are living in denial.

Oh! Yeah from now onwards I decided to make my digital journal on medium. I was planning this for a long time but I was too lazy to start but now…

Ayushi Agrawal

I am a traveler, Photographer, Writer and a Student. As everyday, every minute teaches me something. Life is a game that we play and learn.

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